The implantology is a dental specialty approaching the rehabilitation of the dental arches with the help of dental implants. The dental implant provides a complete recuperation of the initial structure of the tooth. Read more ...

    The Implantology (implantology - Wikipedia) represents the modern method of replacing the missing teeth, by sustaining the prosthetic crown through the dental implant. The comfort of the patient by using the dental implant reaches almost the comfort given by the natural tooth. The complex crown-implant re-establishes both the initial aspect of the tooth and the dental root. By re-establishing the endosteal part, the complex crown-implant reaches a maximum functionality, the transmission of the mastication forces being done directly in the interior of the bone.

    The insertion of the dental implant is done by surgery. Depending on the established treatment plan one or more dental implants can be placed during one surgery. When establishing the necessity of several dental implants in the same edentulous (without teeth) area it is recommended to place all the dental implants during the same surgery. Also, in the situation in which the edentulousnesses are not in the same neighborhood, the insertion of the dental implants are planned in one ore more surgeries.

    The intravenous sedation is an adjuvant work of the surgery for placing the implants. This work is performed in the dental office by an anesthetist, who monitors the patient during the entire surgery. The method of intravenous sedation is indicated both for extended surgeries and for the placing of one single dental implant, in anxiety (fear) situation of the patient.

    After the insertion of the dental implant the stage of osseous integration is following, stage in which the dental implant is integrated, fixed at the level of the alveolar bone. This stage can run for a time between 3 and 6 month. There are situations in which this stage can be shortened up to 2 weeks.

    After finishing this 'therapeutic pause' stage the prosthetics follows, stage in which the dental work is processed. The prosthetics stage can run for a time of two, three or several sittings.