The reconstructive therapy has as main goal the restoration of the dental crown with the help of composite materials (physiognomic fillings = filling).

    We also underline within this chapter another successful use of the composite materials in the reconstruction of the crown reinforced with support out of glass fiber.

    The restoration of the initial form and the aspect of the teeth with the help of specific means are reaching considerable performances by using state-of-the-art materials. With the help of the photopolymerizable composite, the reconstructions of the small and medium defects are a long term success. In case of great defects the guarantee of the success is offered by the use of inlays. Last ones are pieces manufactured in the dental techniques lab with the major mechanical resistance and aspect identical with the natural teeth.

    The permanent use of the system of rubberdam isolation provides an adequate adhesion of the fillings, particularly a esthetic stability on long term. The new composite materials offer the possibility of reconstruction of teeth with extended crown destructions, from the first visit at the dentist. In case of extended esthetic affections the treatment can be performed in one single sitting.