The ceramic facings are the most esthetic ones for prosthetic works, having the best physiognomically qualities in the top of the ceramic reconstructions performed in the dental office. The natural aspect of the tooth, the perfect line of the contour, and the ideal vestibular alignment of the teeth can be obtained only by such prosthetic works. In fact, these are simple ceramic plates, which are applied on the tooth with the help of an adhesive. The proceeding does not present any risk for the health of the tooth.

    Did you ask yourself if the form of the teeth or even the length of them can change your aspect? By simple consultation of the dentist you can find out how you will look having longer teeth or if all would be equal. By simple application of white substances (with temporary character, i.e. wax) you can be suggested for a younger form of the teeth, with central incisors longer than the lateral incisors or a more sober form, a more natural one, by aligning the denture according to the constitutional type. Only 'testing' the form of your teeth you will be able to choose the facings which are the best for your smile and character, and no one will know that you have used a solution of dental cosmetic.