The prosthetics is the most extended field within the complete dental treatment. As specialty it has as aim the reconstruction (dental prosthesis) of the initial dental structures (dental crown).

    Due to several diseases of teeth and the supporting system (marginal peridontium), the most common disease is the edentulousness (teeth missing).

    The necessity to reconstruct the integrity of the dental arches generated the diversification of a domain within the dental treatments - the prosthetics. This has as aim the rehabilitation of the dental apparatus, the reconstruction of the dental structures, but most important, the distribution, as correct as possible, of the mastication forces and the minimum scarification of the neighboring tissues (gums, neighboring teeth).

    In case of a missing tooth or of several teeth the neighbors of the edentulous area take over the mastication forces, initial distributed on the missing teeth, so that the remaining teeth are overcharged. This overcharging and the inclination tendency of the rest of teeth have as effect the decreasing of the resistance of the teeth neighboring the edentulous area.

    The metallic-ceramic fixed works and the works out of integral ceramic are the main treatment solutions within the teeth prosthetics.

    In the last years the prosthetics on dental implants increases constantly the efficiency in comparison with the classic methods. .