The periodontology (periodontology - Wikipedia) is a disease strongly affecting the supporting system of the teeth, most of the times no caries is observed on the dental enamel. This disease involves several factors, the most important of these are:
    - dental calculus and bacterial plaque;
    - smoking;
    - hereditary factors.

    Once the disease is activated the evolution is slow but irreversible. Through the modern methods the progress of the disease is slow down and in many cases a stopping of it can be managed. There are situations in which, by surgical methods, a great part of the produced damages can be repaired. The first sign of the peridontium disease is the inflammation of the gums neighboring the tooth. The disease can extend in deepness causing the movement of the teeth.

    The development in the last years of this domain allows a correct diagnosis and an efficient treatment of the teeth, which otherwise was leading in the past to dental extractions. Very important for the patient, once the treatment has been started, is the necessity of a long term monitoring (every 6 month) until the stabilization of the disease. In advanced cases, in which the keeping of the teeth on the dental arches is impossible, the dental extraction and dental implants can be recommended.