The endodontics is the treatment of the infections produced by the microbes in the dental caries, which can reach the tissue of the tooth nerve, provoking pain. With the help of some special techniques of instruments combined with antiseptics with specific action for those microbes and by using the dental microscope, which is magnifying the visual field up to 25 times and offers a superior illumination, the endodontic treatment has a much higher success quota, which allows the saving of the tooth from dental extraction.

    The endodontics is that part of the dental medicine which treats the inside part of the tooth (endo-dontics - inside the tooth). Some particularities of this kind of treatment are:
- work in a space with a very small diameter (tenth of millimeters);
- the treatments presumes the fighting of an infection by removing the cause of that infection;
- some teeth can have very curved roots, and the use of the instruments is in such cases very particular.

    The specialty treatment addresses to such particularities with the help of some specific working techniques and an adequate endowment:
    - the dental microscope offers the doctor the illumination and magnification which are allowing the visualization of the space in the inner side of the tooth;
    - the techniques of the instruments have as aim the removal of the microbes from the canal by enlarging the diameter of the canal and the irrigation of it with very strong antiseptic solutions with specific action for such kind of microbes;
    - once the disinfection of the tooth canal has been obtained the root filling can be performed in order to seal the space of the canal.

    The special treatment allows, frequently, the finishing of the treatment in one single sitting, which leads to the performing of a more rapid crown restoration (inlay, crown or dentine bridge, as the case may be).

    In contrast with the conventional treatment, the specialty treatment can solve also more difficult cases, with high chances of saving the respective tooth from extraction and implicitly from prosthetics by dental implant.