Our team consists out dentists, highly trained within several stages developed both in the country and abroad, having distinct competences, which are covering the entire area of dental treatments.

    The dentist trained for dental specialties of implantology and endodontics are a very unite team, being able to solve the most difficult cases.

    Out of the wish for the patients a complete dental treatment the construction of the team of dentists is based on the interdisciplinary concept. Thus, the patients will benefit of treatments differentiate on specialties, without getting out of sight the perspective of the treatment, which is the responsibility of the coordinating doctor.

    The team consists out of doctors, whom professional competence and specialization is demonstrated by several forming stages both in the country and abroad (France, Italy, Germany).

    Very important for us was the affiliation to specialty organizations, due to the fact, that the communication with other dental doctors is very important for us.
    Some of the participations of our doctors' team:
    - Training stage Prof. Dott Luciano Malchioci at the Brescia University, 2002
    - Branemark Osseointergration Cernter Marseille, Prof. Dr. Patrick Palacci, 2003
    - Prof. Dr. Manfred Lang, Nürnberg 2008
    - Dentistry Congress, Berlin 2009
    - European Endodontics Congress, Edinburgh 2009
    - Implant Institut Torok Training, Nurnberg 2010
    - Modern Periodontology - Romanian Microscopy Society Timisoara 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

                                We are helped by: